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A collaboration involving ADAS, Agrovista, Ensus, GrowHow, RAGT Seeds, Saaten Union and Senova, co-funded by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board, to develop triticale as a bioethanol feedstock, for sustainable DDGS.

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Senova is a private, independent company with seed marketing and crop development at it’s core. Representing European  breeders and developers the Senova portfolio is diverse and includes wheat, triticale, oats, barley, oilseed rape and pulses. Senova has been a prime mover in triticale, being the first UK company to commercialise the crop in1981.

RAGT Seeds is part of the RAGT Group, which has been supplying European farmers since 1919 and is one of Europe's leading seeds businesses. It is active in all the major crop species used in European agriculture, including triticale. RAGT invests over 12% of its turnover in research and development, and its resources are Europe-wide.

Saaten Union  has one of the most extensive breeding programmes in Europe with over 20 breeding stations and over 100 trial sites working on more than 40 agricultural crops. This comprehensive network of field trials throughout the main arable areas of Europe guarantee that all varieties marketed by Saaten-Union are ideally suited to the locality in which they are to be grown.. Their prime interests are to a sensible continued sustainability, to quality and responsibility to the environment.

GrowHow is the UK's premier fertiliser manufacturer and the UK's only ammonium nitrate and true Granular Compound fertiliser producer. GrowHow UK provides stability and sustainability for UK Fertiliser and associated Process Chemical manufacturing in an increasingly competitive market. As well as being the UK's leading supplier of nitrogen products to selected industrial markets and applications, it is also committed to British agriculture, making investment in production capacity and advice and services through GrowHow Advice.

ADAS provides independent applied research to support technical development by land-based organisations and companies including growers, suppliers, traders, processors and retailers. ADAS has expertise in project leadership, management and financial administration of collaborative projects and possesses one of the leading groups in the UK working on crop physiology with specific expertise in crop nutrition, lodging and plant pathology, as well as laboratory determination of alcohol yields,

Agrovista  was formed to provide specialist agronomy and crop protection products to British agriculture. Agrovista UK is totally committed to providing unrivalled value and innovative solutions for British farmers, both now and in the future. This commitment is focused on customer service, research driven advice and technical innovation.

Ensus is a UK based company, founded in 2006 with the ambition of becoming an industry leader in the biorefining of cereal grains in Europe to produce both greener food and fuel. The company's first facility (“Ensus I”) is located at the Wilton International site at Teesside (North East England), where they operate the world’s largest wheat based biorefinery, refining locally grown feed wheat to produce over 400 million litres of bioethanol, 350 thousand tonnes of high protein animal feed, and 300 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide for use in soft drinks and food production each year.

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Improving the sustainability and quality of DDGS animal feed co-product from bioethanol production, by using triticale as a biofuel feedstock

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